Local Lenders

Below, alphabetically, are links and phone numbers for lenders in the area, including neighboring communities. We have worked with all of them with great success in the past.

Blue Grass Valley Bank - www.bluegrassvalleybank.com

Blue Grass VA 540.474.2430

Monterey VA 540.474.2430

First & Citizens Bank - www.firstandcitizensbank.com

Monterey VA 540.468.2430

Toll Free 877.227.2803

Grant County Bank - www.grantcountybank.com

Riverton 304.567.2244

Petersburg 304.257.4111

Pendleton Community Bank - www.yourbank.com

Franklin 304.358.2311

Harrisonburg VA 540.434.4722

Toll Free 866.722.2651

Summit Community Bank - www.mysummit.com

Franklin 304.358.2388

Petersburg 304.257-1244